Flor Labana: President

Hi, I am Flor Labana the new President of the MexVic Association.
I’m originally from Mexico City and arrived in Australia 9 years ago. I have lived in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. However we decided to settle here because I’m in love with this multicultural, artistic and fun city.
I wanted to be part of MexVic because I truly believe that we can continue promoting activities that previous committees have started, and we can also contribute even more as a Mexican Community to strengthen our presence in Australia. I love that all members of MexVic are eager to show a little bit of what Mexico is like in all different areas (artistic, gastronomic, technical, etc) because we Mexicans are passionate of who we are and what we do! My favourite food are Gorditas de chicharrón and tacos de carnitas with lots of lime! Mole Poblano, Verde and Mole Oaxaqueño.
I strongly believe in being happy on your own way. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
Contact: flor.labana@mexvic.org.au

Patricia Galán: Vice President

Hi, I’m Paty Galan, current Vice President of MexVic.
Originally from Mexico City, I’ve been in Australia for quite some time now and I came here to study a Master in urban management and environment.
I’ve been part of MexVic almost since the project started. I wanted to be part of it because I enjoy sharing our Mexican traditions with people from other backgrounds and now, have the opportunity to get my children involved too.
My favourite food is Mole.
Contact: paty.galan@mexvic.org.au

Fabiola Rodríguez: Secretary

Hi, I’m Fabiola Robledo. I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco. The land of Tequila and Mariachi!
I’m the new MexVic secretary and I will also be supporting social media activities.
I landed in Australia almost 6 years ago as I followed my husband who I met in Canada. I’ve been part of Mexbourne Dance Co for the last 4 years too. Folkloric dancing has been a great and fun way to share our culture in Melbourne.
I joined MexVic because I want to be part of a committed community that loves sharing the love for our country, culture and traditions even when we are far away from our beloved Mexico.
My favorite food is Tortas Ahogadas and Carnes en su jugo.
If you never try, you’ll never know!
Contact: secretary@mexvic.org.au

Jose Luis Garduño: Treasurer

Hi, my name is José Luis Garduño and I am the Treasurer of the MexVic Association.
I’m from Mexico City and I came to Australia six years ago, because I always dreamt of living overseas and I wanted a better life for my wife and myself. I wanted to be part of MexVic to show and promote our culture, art and traditions.
My favourite food: Pozole y tacos!
Contact: treasurer@mexvic.org.au

Miguel Reyna: Chavos Catchup

Hi, My name is Miguel Reyna and I’m the Chavos Catch Up Coordinator
I am in Australia because I decided to follow my girlfriend who is doing a PhD in Ecology. I joined MexVic because I see in them a group of mexican people passionate and proud to share the richness of our Mexican culture.
My Favourite food: Pozole!
My Favourite quote: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.”
Contact: chavoscatchup@mexvic.org.au

Claudia García: Volunteer Manager

Hi! My name is Claudia García and I am the new MexVic Volunteer Coordinator.
I am from Monterrey, Nuevo León and four years ago I arrived in Australia.
I want to be part of MexVic because I want to show everyone our traditions and culture.
My favourite food? Everything! All the traditional Mexican food.
Contact: volunteers@mexvic.org.au

Marisol Diaz: Events Manager

Hello! I am Marisol Díaz. Better known as Mar Díaz or “la chata” (I call everyone “chata, chato”) and I am the Events Manager of Mexvic.
I am from Mexico City, and I lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco for 5 years. In May 2014, I met in an OXXO (a convenience store) a tall boy, with an Australian and humorous accent called Liam (my boyfriend). Some years ago I came to Melbourne to visit him and I fell in love … with Australia!
For 2 years I have lived in a city that makes me change and adapt to new cultures every day. The like for arts and culture has been a constant in my life, especially the crafts, the cuisine and the Huapangos from Mexico.
To me Mexvic is the platform to implement my studies where I can transmit a little more of the Mexican culture in Australia and to ensure that Mexicans who are this far from our country can feel themselves as part of a community and help integrate all of Australia into our culture.
My favorite food? Enchiladas de mole with beans from the pot. Yum!
Contact: eventsmanager@mexvic.org.au

Harry Barley: Spanish Conversation

Hi, my name is Harry Barley and I’m the Spanish Conversation Coordinator.
I was born in Australia and I’m from Coburg. I love Mexican culture! I really love the food, people and the Mexican slangs.
What I really like from Mexico? When I meet Mexicans! They are always kind, cheerful, they make me feel welcome and they always share their culture, that’s the reason that I wanted to be part of MexVic.
My favourite food are tacos of course! Any kind of taco (seriously I love all the tacos) but with lots of lime!
Contact: spanishconversation@mexvic.org.au
Photos by Carlos Curiel.