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Moving to Melbourne city for the first time, whether it’s for study or job, can be an exciting but challenging undertaking.

Here is quick guide about the basic things that really matter before or during of your arrival to the city.


Costs of Living



Shared apartment or studio from $150 to $200 AUD per week

Studio or apartment for two people from $30o $500 AUD per week

The cost will depend of the location of the apartment. The nearest location to the city is more expensive than suburbs around.

The bond is necessary and it is equivalent to one rent monthly

Where to start looking for accommodation,,,,,


Public Transport

The public transport of Victoria provides a reloadable ticketing system through smart card called Myki. The Myki card is your ticket to travel on Melbourne’s train, trams and buses. The reusable card is easy to use, simply top up before your journey and then touch on and touch off at a myki reader as you travel.

Myki Money: suitable for occasional users top up your myki by paying as you go.

Myki Pass: suitable for frequent users top up your myki with consecutive days of travel.

Unlimited Monthly Fare (30 days) $138.60 AUD

Unlimited weekly fare $37.60 AUD

Cost per day $7.52 AUD

For more information:

Best choice for short distances is a Bicycle. You can get a used bicycle via

Remember to use helmet all the time for your protection and to comply the safety regulation.



Lunch or dinner from $12 AUD

McDonalds’ meals from $9.50 AUD

7Eleven coffee from $1 (small)

Can of Coke from $4 AUD

Beer or spirits from $8 AUD


Markets and shops

Food and Groceries per week per person from $35 – 40

Food and Groceries per week per couple from $60-80

Where to buy: Aldi Store, Coles and Woolworths

Queen Victoria Market or visit

Other stores for clothes, furniture and more: K-Mart, Big W, Target and Ikea

Technology stores:,

Mobil phone SIM only plans

Virgin mobile from $20

Aldi Mobile from $20 AUD

Vodafone from $30 AUD

Optus from $30 AUD

Telstra from $35 AUD

All the plans compared included different data and minutes.



You can enjoy and explore a lot of free attractions in Melbourne CBD (City Business District)

National Gallery of Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Federation Square (free activities like Morning Meditation, Tai-chi, fitness, yoga and more)

Melbourne Museum (students free)



Getting a job,,,

The state minimum wage from the first full pay period on and from 1 July 2015 for adults is

Weekly 38 hours $668.80 AUD ($17.60 AUD per hour)

Casual hourly $22 AUD per hour