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Mexico City Earthquake – September 2017 19.09.2017

Help earthquake victims – Mexico City, 19/September/2017


Dear friends and colleagues:
Our country, Mexico, suffered two severe earthquakes on September 9th and 19th of 8.2 and 7.1 degrees respectively.
After 32 years of not experiencing that level of damage, they struck the capital, Mexico City, and several other towns in the states of Mexico, Puebla, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Morelos. Colonial and modern buildings collapsed in a diameter of 300km and explosions due to gas leaks were registered in some areas as well. There are hundreds of people from all ages, pets, and children waiting to be rescued from the debris, injured and struggling without electricity and water services.
The Mexican institutions and rescue brigades are making a gigantic effort to reach them on time.

Your help can save lives, you can make a direct donation using PayPal or Card to some of the organisations listed here.
1. Topos
Non-profit Mexican rescue team
of volunteers
Note: up to Saturday, 23 of September, 2017, this has been the only group to advocate for continuing the search for survivors instead of the official start of “search for bodies” protocols. This is to try to prevent accidental deaths of trapped survivors caused by the use of heavy machinery to remove wreckage.



(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

2. Amazon
Wish List with products like food, lights, batteries, diapers, etc., that will be delivered to the Red Cross.

3. Help us help Mexico fund
Created by Latin Stories Australia, a registered
NFP in Australia


Donations for the recent earthquake in Mexico



5. Mexican Red Cross

The value of the Australian Dollar is much higher in Mexico, so even something small like 5 dollars can create a big impact and any kind of support is urgently needed today.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For our friends who don’t speak Spanish and wish to donate to the Mexican Red Cross, this is a guide to fill the fields as Google translate may not work properly.

First you need to click on “Dona ahora!” to donate now.
The fields in Spanish on the first page are:

  • Nombre – Name

  • Apellido – Last Name

  • Contraseña – Password

  • No soy un robot – I am not a robot (just click on the box)

  • Siguiente – Next

When you are on the next page, please select PayPal.

The fields there are asking for your PayPal details:

  • Nombre de usuario – User name (PayPal)

  • Apellido de Usuario – User Last Name (PayPal)

  • No soy un robot – I am not a robot

First dropdown menu is ‘Select your country’ where you can choose your country of origin. Don’t worry for ‘Seleccione un estado’ and código postal – zip code since these fields are not compulsory.

Then in ‘Seleccione una causa’ (the last dropdown menu) select Sismo 19/09/2017 (sismo means earthquake).

  • Email – Email you use for PayPal

  • Cantidad a donar – Donation amount (Please note that this field is in Mexican pesos. $100 AUD is the equivalent to $1,428 pesos but you can check on Google for the conversion rate)

  • Procesar tu donativo – Donate button

This will take you to the PayPal page in English and it should be a breeze from there.

Thank you so much for your contributions and good wishes.
Kind regards.
Mexican Community of Australia

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