The Mexican Social and Cultural Association of Victoria Inc., known as MexVic, is a not-for-profit organization established in 2004.

MexVic’s mission is to promote and increase knowledge and appreciation of Mexican culture and traditions between Mexicans and people living in Victoria, and create opportunities for social, cultural and economic integration between Mexicans in the Australian context.

Our vision is to be the main institution that:

  • Promotes the expression of Mexican rich cultural heritage and traditions in various aspects including language, art, music, gastronomy, history and contemporary affairs.
  • Is the platform through which the Mexican community and those interested in Mexico feature and share social and cultural initiatives and activities such as art, dance and music, support groups, sports, Spanish-language activities and many others.
  • Is the main communication channel between the community and other Mexican, Australian and other migrant groups and institutions in social and cultural affairs.
  • Supports Mexican migrants in their adaptation and integration processes while keeping alive their cultural heritage.

The values that guide us:

  • Love for Mexico
  • Friendship and family oriented
  • Create, share and inspire
  • Respect, commitment and excellence

The association was originally founded in 1998 under the name of Club Mexbourne by a group of enthusiastic Mexican migrants. Through time the club’s aims and plans became more ambitious, and thus a formally incorporated association better fulfilled its purpose. In 2004 MexVic was legally established.

Since its establishment, MexVic has:

  • Organised, hosted, delivered and participated a wide range of activities, festivals, events and programmes, and has been involved in the conception and management of small to large-scale events.
  • Played a key role in the establishment of key representative initiatives such as Mexbourne Folklore Dancing Group, Los Mas Altos rock band, and the Mexican Festival.
  • Worked with key community groups and a range of organisations, businesses and key stakeholders.
  • Developed a strong local presence and established itself as the main springboard for Mexican cultural expressions.
  • Supported Mexican migrants in their process of integration and adaptation to the Australian context.

Mexican community living in Victoria

In 2011, the Mexican-born (permanent) population in Australia was only 3,151 and 881 living in Victoria.

These infographics will tell you a little bit about Mexicans living in Victoria, but if you want to know more download: Victorian Community Profiles 2011 – Mexico born